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Congratulations on Your Accomplishment, Dr. Marks!!!

We have an exciting news to share about Dr. Marks! It's been a great honor to observe Dr. Marks achieving post-professional achievement of becoming a clinical expert in orthopedic physical therapy. Dr. Marks, director of sports medicine and performance of our practice, is recognized as the musculoskeletal health provider of choice and an autonomous practitioner by completing a year-long post-graduate orthopedic clinical residency program through Evidence in Motion of Health Professions.

His strong dedication and motivation helped him reach his success today. In the U.S., only less than 3% of orthopedic physical therapists graduate from post-doctorate orthopedic residency programs accredited by American Physical Therapy Association. Dr. Marks successfully demonstrated highest level of clinical proficiency in clients management and in-depth clinical reasoning in orthopedic specialized physical therapy.

Dr. Marks incorporates a comprehensive but tailored model to serve his patients' individual needs. He treats each patient holistically as a unique case that may have many different factors contributing to the way they should be treated. He believes in the utilization of manual therapy combined with patient-specific exercises to facilitate lasting changes in patients everyday life. With his residency training, he demonstrates advanced competency in clients care, consistent delivery of patient empowerment, and strong establishment of specific goal setting to serve each patient toward their expectations. 

It is so fortunate to have him in our practice as a choice of musculoskeletal care provider to provide quality care for our clients. Please congratulate his profoessional achievement when you visit our office!!

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