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Dr. Flamm Offers Dry Needling(DN): Schedule DN Session Now

Dr. Flamm, director of clinical education & dance medicine, successfully completed post-graduate Dry Needling (DN) education and registered as a DN specialty under his license in Maryland Physical Therapy Board.

Currently all providers in our practice offer the DN procedure as a part of individualized treatment plans to enhance fast & efficient recovery and rehabilitation, especially for clients with neuromusculoskeletal impairments such as headache, neck & back pain, TMJ, and shoulder/hip/knee pain...  According to the Maryland Department of Health, Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, Dry Needling is a physical therapy intervention, also known as intramuscular manual therapy.

It involves the insertion of one or more solid needles into the muscle and related tissues, and can be combined with a mechanical device such as an electrical or a single probe stimulator to maximize its effectiveness. DN can help resolve pain and muscle tension (trigger points), and will promote healing.

DN can help with various clients by (a) optimizing physical performance

by reducing biomechanical and physical stress during pre-symptom stage, (b) preventing chronic soft tissue injuries and some acute injuries, (c) providing treatments for such conditions like overtraining stress, and soft tissue injuries related to the specific professions and (d) enhancing rehabilitation treatments for post-surgical case, and (e) serving to reduce chronic pain such as headache, extremity & spine disorder, and TMJ dysfunction.

Dry Needling is not traditional Chinese Acupuncture, However, when used by a trained physical therapist, it is anchored in modern western medicine supported by clinical research and uses principles learned from physical therapy professional school education (graduate-level).

Both Drs. Jung and Marks, certified by Myopain Seminars and Evidence in Motion respectively, have exceeded the minimum education and competency training requirements for Dry Needling, established

by the Maryland Department of Health to perform Dry Needing.

In addition, our DN practice conforms fully with standards set forth in the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Act to protect our clients.

If you are interested in DN procedure, you are more than welcome to contact us for consultation about your specific condition and whether this procedure would be appropriate in your care plan.

Our principle objective is to advance your functional rehabilitation and enhance your level of performance.

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