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Welcome Dr. Dylan Marks!!!

We are delighted to introduce Dr. Marks to our clients in Columbia Physical Therapy In Motion. He will join us as a full-time clinician starting February 7th. He is going to be the director of sports medicine and performance in our practice to overlook all ages and levels of athletic population. Please welcome Dr. Marks when you meet him in the office. You can also check out his professional biography as below.

Dr. Marks is the director of sports medicine and performance in our practice. Recently he started a year-long post-graduate orthopedic clinical residency program through Evidence in Motion. Less than 3% of orthopedic physical therapists throughout the U.S. graduate from orthopedic residency programs. Dr. Dylan graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He received the Orthopedic Physical Therapist Award, given to one graduating therapist in the class, upon completing his degree. Prior to Physical Therapy school, Dr. Dylan received a Bachelor of Arts(BA) in Exercise Science at Coker College in South Carolina while playing collegiate lacrosse for 4 years. 

Dr. Dylan is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Sports and Conditioning Association. He is also a Champion Performance Specialist (C-PS) which expands his clinical expertise in sports medicine and performance working with athletes of all ages and levels. This is an area that Dr. Dylan is very passionate about with his athletic background and he takes joy in assisting athletes of all ages/skills in their quest to perform at their absolute highest level.

Dr. Dylan believes in treating more than just the diagnosis that each patient is given. He incorporates a comprehensive patient-centric model to serve his patients. He treats in a holistic manner viewing each patient as a unique individual that has many different factors contributing to the way they are feeling. Dr. Dylan believes in the utilization of manual therapy combined with patient-specific exercises to facilitate lasting changes in his patients. He uses extensive clinical reasoning, evidence-driven clinical reasoning, consistent patient empowerment, and specific goal setting to serve each patient toward his/her expectations. Dr. Dylan is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the Sports Section of the APTA special group. He was mentored by Dr. Jung during his entry-level Doctorate Physical Therapy Program training and has joined Columbia Physical Therapy in Motion to continue empowering the public to lead happier and healthier lives. 

Dr. Dylan spends his time reading current literature to continue to offer the most up to date care with the highest standard possible. He enjoys connecting with each of his patients on a personal level and assisting them in restoring their best selves. In his spare time, Dr. Dylan enjoys exercising, rooting for Baltimore sports teams, cooking things on his smoker, playing sports, hiking and traveling.

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