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After completing clinical examination and screening your safety for physical therapy appropriateness by physical therapist at the initial consultation, the selection of services will be discussed with you based on clinical assessment and therapist’s clinical experience by incorporating with client’s input, best available evidence, and collaboration with your medical providers. Physical therapist will establish frequency and duration of your plan of care as well. Depending on your overall progression over time, the priority of services will be modified accordingly to optimize best outcomes to meet your goals. If you want to learn about the detail of services in the following, please feel free to contact us.

Physical Therapy
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Manual Therapy
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Sensorimotor Training
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Sensorimotor Training
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Pain Management
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Chronic Pain Treatment
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Physical Therapy Clinic
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Physical Therapy
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Physical Therapist
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Manual Therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Joint mobilization (extremity & spine)

  • Osteopathic manipulation of spine, thorax, and pelvis

  • Soft tissue mobilization/therapeutic massage

  • Instrument (using a tool) assisted soft tissue mobilization

  • Myofacial manual trigger points release

  • Fascia manipulation

Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • In-office Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV; peripheral vertigo) repositioning maneuver

  • Adaptation training

  • Habituation training

  • Substitution retraining

  • Sensorimotor retraining

  • Balance & coordination retraining

Functional Movement Systems
  • Video analysis (gait, run, swim, golf, swim, squat, lift)
  • Functional Movement Assessment (FMS) & Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

  • Correction of abnormal movement pattern

  • Refinement of basic movement fundamental to prevent injury

  • Runner’s clinic (running biomechanics, rehabilitation & performance)

  • Athlete performance enhancement (youth & adult)

  • Neuromuscular facilitation/Motor control assessment

Chronic Pain Management
  • Manual therapy

  • Therapeutic exercise

  • Noxious Electrical Stimulation

  • Pain Science Education

  • Pain Coping Skills Training

  • Pacing & Graded exposure program

Therapeutic Exercise
  • Exercise recomendation (flexibility,  endurance, strength, coordination, proprioception) 
  • Correction of faulty body mechancis 

  • Retraining of fundamental movement

  • Sensorimotor retraining

  • Balance & Coordination retraining

  • Functional Retraining

  • Home exercise program

  • Personal Training

  • Wellness & Health promotion

  • Injury prevention program

  • Shoe wear assessment/recommendation

  • Orthotics assessment/recomendation

  • Ergonomics (work station)

  • Durable Medical Equipment

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