Inspirational Stories

It is great to share inspirational stories from our clients who worked so hard to achieve their goals and expectations. So do you with helping hands!!!




I have had a very positive experience working with Dr. Jung at Columbia Physical Therapy in Motion. When I first saw him, a few weeks after a hip replacement, I had a hard time walking more than a hundred feet, it was difficult to pick up a sack of groceries, and I needed assistance to get up out of a chair. After twelve weeks of working with Dr. Jung, I was able to walk at a normal speed around the lake near my house, (about 1.5 miles) with no pain and no fear of falling. That was a wonderful feeling, no doubt, but even better - a week later I was able to manage myself and my luggage (without assistance!) as I flew to my son's wedding in Miami where I participated confidently in all the events (with no pain!), and DANCED at the reception!


When I've been discouraged Dr. Jung and Dr. Almeida have used humor, kindness, empathy, and science to get me back on track and focused on moving toward a full recovery. In my opinion, both have been masterfully skillful in their ability to accurately observe, assess, and respond to the evolving physical issues associated with my recovery, They have supported me in measurably effective ways when I've faced emotional, psychological, and social challenges associated with my hip replacement. Based on my experience, this kind of highly individualized and highly professional physical therapy is pretty unusual. In the lead up to my hip replacement and in the first few weeks immediately after, I worked with a couple of other physical therapists from other organizations, and it felt to me that they were not treating me as an individual with a unique physiology, history, and circumstance but as a 'standard' problem to be fixed with a standardized cookbook solution.


I've learned that choosing the right physical therapist can make all the difference. Along with my wonderful primary care physician and an exceptional surgeon, Dr. Jung has opened up for me a new vision for my life in coming years; I have every reason to believe, based on my experience and recovery to date, that I will be able join my very active family in almost any adventure they dream up (maybe not mountain climbing, but definitely hiking, canoeing, and strolling through the Smithsonian!), that I can return to my profession with all the stamina and strength I need, and that my future is wide open. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Jung and my entire medical team.


The place is so good. I have a daughter. She is a swimmer, she hurt her shoulder during training. I found the doctor “Jung” from my friend. His schedule is so full, but when I contacted him, he really tried hard to find a spot for my daughter. After two times treatment, my daughter feels much better and can start swimming as normal now. I strongly recommend Doctor Jung.


Dr.Francis Jung is a professional healer! I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with him. I’m doing so much better now than I did two weeks prior when I could barely move! I have made so much progress.. He is gentle & kind and the atmosphere is relaxing. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a great Physical Therapist!


Starting from the middle of 2017, my wife had had left-sided sciatica with back pain radiating to the left leg. MRI showed that moderate to large left-side disc protrusion at L5-S1, displacing the left S1 nerve root posteriorly. After having consulted with our family doctor and neurosurgeons, she decided to remove the protruded disc by operation in early November, 2017. Before the operation, one of our friends highly recommend us to contact Dr. Jung. After the first visitation to his office, Dr. Jung assured us that my wife’s situation was able to be treated conservatively and an operation was not necessary. Dr. Jung not only has expertise in physical therapy skills, but also a kind heart with consistent smiling face. After having been treated about three months in Dr. Jung’s clinic, my wife has recovered completely. 


Both Dr. Jung and Dr. Almeida are amazing. I feel that I really benefited from alternating between these two doctors. The pain I felt when I began seeing them is gone. They have given me tailored exercise plans to ensure the pain stays away, and for me to improve my body overall. I went to the gym for the first time in years the other day. And it is because they made me realize how important each tiny movement is. I look forward to seeing them periodically for overall health down the road.


One thousand stars is what I want to give Dr. Francis Jung!
My injury happened in November 2017. I started with acupuncture, then to physician, then the MRI, then to a pain management doctor which included trial of different medications, cortisone and epidural shots plus PT.  Although I have had a great team of people working on me for months, the extreme level 10 pain persisted. I then consulted with and considered orthopedic surgeons and surgery.
During the time of interviewing with orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Jung was highly recommended to me by a good friend. That friend is a Manager of Rehabilitation at a prominent Medical Center so she would recognize a great PT. She experienced her own injury and found Dr. Jung and insisted that I try Dr. Jung.  
Dr. Jung's calm and sensitive personality is infectious. I never feel rushed or just one of his other patients. He is a great listener, very personable and caring. His private facility is clean, welcoming with up to date equipment.
Dr. Jung was my last resort and I am so grateful for the introduction. In just 2 months I have gone from level 10 pain, barely walking at times and unable to work in my profession, to level 1 and 2 pain with no medication, no more cortisone and epidural shots and better yet, no longer discussing the possibility of surgery!
Dr. Jung has saved my life. He believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. 
Before you give up and give in you must try Dr. Jung!


Dr. Jung is an excellent physical therapist. He knows my mother problems right at the first observation and work with all of her problems. She enjoys coming to his appointment and she gets release from her shoulder pain. Dr Jung is very kind, caring, patient and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Mai Le

I love! I love!! The care and attention I’ve received by Dr Francis Jung. I’m a registered nurse, so my standards are pretty high when it comes to my health and recovery. Dr Jung has been treating me for my chronic pain, cervical neck injury and again for a rotator cuff repair. His on hand approach is gentle but very effective. His not the typical run of the mill therapist. Doctor is his title and the numerous credentials shows that his has studied and earned the many degrees of his profession!! His is a winner!! You will be satisfied and on your way to healing. Just an added touch of elegance is the clean environment and the soft music playing in the background. Best of Luck with your recovery!!!


I highly recommend Columbia Physical Therapy in Motion. Dr. Jung worked with my 13 year old daughter for several months, treating knee and ankle pain with great results. Dr. Jung is highly expert, thorough, caring, and professional. His office is state of the art, impeccably clean, and a soothing environment for treatment. We are very pleased with the care that my daughter received and impressed with Dr. Jung's knowledge and expertise.


I saw Dr. Jung for my frozen shoulder. I regained function of my arm and shoulder within few weeks of therapy.
Dr. Jung is knowledgeable, thorough and provides personalized care. His clinic is calming and enhances healing.
I highly recommend him!


I strongly recommend the Columbia Physical Therapy In Motion to anyone who needs physical therapy. I had foot and ankle pain so I researched online and found this physical therapy office. Apart from its excellent location, the office is equipped with the necessary equipment and medical devices for any kind of physical therapy you need. Dr. Francis Jung’s calm demeanor and great listening skills puts his patients at ease and gives them the confidence to talk with him about their pain. He targets where my pain is and uses the appropriate medical equipment and therapy to relieve the pain. He has used a variety of pain management techniques and exercises to improve the condition. He also gave home exercises. The pain in my foot and ankle has improved considerably. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Jung.


Dr Jung provided immediate relief for my condition. He was attentive when I explained my symptoms, resulting in an exact diagnosis and effective treatment plan. My condition was partially resolved after the first visit and completely resolved after the third visit, matching his initial explanation of what to expect. Dr Jung set a very relaxing atmosphere, with classical music and  soothing tea.  I highly recommend Dr Jung for orthopedic physical therapies.


I’ve been working with Dr. Nelson for over a year now. He has completely changed my life and put me back together from when I came in. Dr. Nelson understands the body head to toe, which is very important to me, as my whole body is involved from my Lyme disease, multiple bone breaks and fractures, and dislocations. No other PT I have been to had ever noticed my severe neural tension. Dr. Nelson in 30 seconds unlocked my L5-S1 which had been giving me debilitating pain for over two years. I didn’t believe him at first when he told me “Okay it should be a lot better now.” Dr. Nelson is very hands on and helps teach me the exercises, compared to other facilities where they tell you “Okay now do X” and then walk away. He watches my form, and corrects me. Beyond his great medical expertise, which is the #1 reason why you should go to Dr. Nelson, he’s genuinely the highlight of my week working with him. He is very positive, encouraging, kind, funny, and able to get me to look on the bright side and keep exercising. He cares about his patients, and doesn’t just see you as another box to check - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard him say to me or another patient “Oh how is that thing going that you told me about a month ago?” If Dr. Nelson moves away from the area I don’t know how I will find another doc able to compete.
On top of this, their office is perfect. The office is the perfect size - you never have only 15 minutes with your PT doctor and then working 45 minutes by yourself as I’ve had to do in every other PT I’ve been to. Dr. Nelson works with you for your full hour. I appreciate how clean their office is - Dr. Nelson even told me that Dr. Jung repaints the whole office every few months just to keep it 100% pristine. You can definitely tell that a lot of thought and work goes into their office. Dr. Jung is also extremely kind, and although he has never worked with me 1 on 1 he knows my name and greets me, which I appreciate and you wouldn’t find somewhere else. Thank you Dr. Nelson and Dr. Jung for the services you provide! Your expertise helps relieve pain and suffering, and makes the world a better place. I will continue to recommend Columbia Physical Therapy in Motion to everyone I know.


Dr. Jung is a phenomenal physical therapist! I have a rather complex case, and he took great care in understanding all aspects of it. He guided me through a well developed program for my specific neck issues and hypermobility- something that other physical therapists had not been able to do due to the nature of my condition. When I ran into some problems during treatment, he modified the program and helped me get back on track. He's very knowledgeable as well as extremely compassionate. He will even call just to check in and see how I'm doing! I'm immensely thankful for the guidance and support he's provided me.

Katherine S

I am a true believer. I had bad back problems for a couple of years and thanks to Therapy in Motion, i am so much better and confident that i will continue to improve. I am so glad i chose Dr. Jung's office and would highly recommend them to everyone. If you are looking for personal service, full respect and someone who is knowledgeable, then this is the place for you.


I have been seeing Dr. Jung for three months post foot surgery and have made tremendous progress--all thanks to him. Dr. Jung is kind, patient, and encouraging on top of being extremely effective, knowledgeable, and professional. He makes it a point to meet you where you are (physically and mentally) and builds your confidence and strength. What I really appreciate is that at the beginning of each appointment, we discuss any progress and/or problem areas and he tailors the rest of the session to address those specific areas--further proof of his expertise and effort to meet each of his patient's needs. Anyone in the Columbia area in need of physical therapy should see Dr. Jung.


I am a physical therapist who works part-time for Dr. Francis. I am continuously amazed by Francis's knowledge and skills and truly believe he is the best physical therapist in the state. Francis is also incredibly selfless and always takes the time to mentor other physical therapists. There is no better place to go.


Much thanks to Dr. Jung for his expertise and his kind, caring, manner.  I appreciate that he works with me one-on-one at every visit. Although I'm a work in progress, he has taught me exercises to strengthen my core muscles, improve my balance and increase my spinal flexibility. Even my posture has improved. His manual muscle relaxation techniques for the back, knees and hips have been quite beneficial and are my reasons for seeing him.


My son has ankle pain and we saw a couple of therapists before. Dr. Jung is the best one. He is nice and knowledgeable. He develops specific exercise programs for my son to do everyday at home. My son's ankles recovered very quickly and have become stronger than before.


Dr. Jung is excellent at working with me on my low back issues a few months back. He spent dedicated time to carefully diagnose the problem and worked on it skillfully. It helped me to recover a lot sooner. Thanks!


My wife is been getting therapy for chiari malformation (neck instability) and pain and discomfort, the physician is and specialist in this matter, my wife is feeling a lot better in about 6 visits. Also the doctor has trained me to give my wife at home exercises and massages!. I like his knowledge and ethics. I would recommend him to any one needing physical therapy!


Working with Dr. Francis was an amazing, empowering experience. Like many of his patients, I went to see him with chronic back pain that had reached the point where my doctors were advising back surgery and I was feeling like I had no other options. Francis did a thorough evaluation, listened to the whole story, and came up with a treatment plan that ended my back pain almost immediately. In his gentle way, he challenged me to push myself and regain strength and balance that I'd lost until I could once again do things that had been impossible or painful only a few weeks before. I can't recommend him highly enough.


Best PT Experience! I have been going to Dr. Jung for 3 months for plantar fasciitis pain, and it has improved after no help from standard recommendations, other PT, and surgery. He is very thorough, asks the right questions and always listens/remembers. Highly recommend!


I have seen Dr. Jung for a few years on and off to manage with chronic pain. He is the best clinician so far. He listens and provides best care. I highly recommend him to everyone.


I had extreme low back and leg pain which prevents me from physically active such as standing or walking more than 5 minutes in the beginning. I am much better now and able to return full capacity in standing and walking without pain. I highly recommend Dr. Jung's practice for spine pain.


Dr. Jung is beyond awesome! If you want a therapist to take dedicated time with you, please, please, please come to Dr.Jung's office. He was referral from another therapist. I'm so grateful I met him. My recovery has been long prior to becoming his patient but I'm confident I will get better with his techniques and my diligence. I've done more with him in a short time than with any therapist before him. I've even braved dry needling. Needles for some may be terrifying but Dr. Jung makes you feel comfortable. He makes sure you take breaks and drink lots of water during your visit as well. Oh and I can't forget about Brenda, she's a sweetheart! Brenda's always accommodating, professional and friendly. She knows her stuff when it comes to insurance. You will be in good hands at Dr. Jung's.


Dr. Francis Jung is awesome! He is attentive, professional and very knowledgeable. While working on healing my injuries, he ensures that I understand how to correct my form to make me a better athlete. I have learned a lot about the mechanics of running as a result of my visits with him. He is encouraging and checks on my progress towards my goals each visit. I would recommend Dr. Jung to anyone!


After over four months of unsuccessfully fighting vertigo, (following various visits to the hospital, an ENT doctor, cardiologist, neurologist, hematologist, and another physical therapist) I was referred to Dr. Jung's office. Within two weeks, my vertigo was gone! Apparently, because I have different types of inner ear damage (in each ear), my case was hard to treat. My prior PT was really good, but we just couldn't seem to resolve my problem, and referred me to Dr. Jung. He was finally able to resolve my problem! My fingers are crossed that it won't return (a small percentage of patients have recurrence), but at least now I'm confident that if it does creep back, we will end it once again. So happy I went there!


Dr. Jung is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. Everything he does has meaning and purpose. He has prevented me from having shoulder surgery and I feel better and stronger than I have in a long time. I have been to many PT’s and no one had compared to Dr. Jung. His 1:1 care is excellent and I highly recommend him!


I chose to work with Francis because of his expertise in dry needling (he teaches this to others regularly) and his focus on incorporating functional training with a kettlebell or barbell into my therapy sessions (at my request). I have many injuries from being a collegiate athlete which have given me chronic pain in my shoulder and hip. His combination of manual therapy and functional training has given me much better mobility and pain relief, and his advice along the way has helped me continue to build my own maintenance program outside of our sessions. I'm glad I found Columbia Physical Therapy In Motion.


We have been very happy with the excellent therapy our daughter has been getting from Francis Jung and his staff.  We took her to Columbia Physical Therapy in Motion for leg pain and instability related to growing rapidly and outpacing the development of her muscles.  The office is clean and calm, with soothing music, and is loaded with various equipment, tables, weights, resistance and stretching bands.  Francis Jung is extremely knowledgeable and has given my daughter numerous strength building exercises in the office and to do at home.  Along the way he has stretched and loosened overly tight muscles when needed, applied athletic tape for a day or two of additional support, and he actually participates actively as needed to demonstrate exercises instead of just saying how to do it.  My daughter has rapidly improved, and is now tapering off her visits and is well on her way to remaining active while being stronger and pain free.  We are very impressed with Francis Jung and his practice.


I have seen Francis on and off for several different conditions for about 6-7 years, starting when he was part of another practice in White Oak. I have to say I trust him more than any of the various PT’s I have worked with. Because of this deep trust I will follow his instructions and exercise regimens even when part of me wants to resist in fear of pain. He is very understanding and is also very good at explaining physiology and why it may be necessary to push myself to overcome the problem or weakness. I have gone to him for neck, arm, hip, back and shoulder pain at different times, including dry needling, which though painful was very effective. He is precise, patient and encouraging. You can tell he is an authority in his field. His practice is very individual based, unlike many large PT offices that seem like factories. He will even show you where to get exercise supplies online economically. After not seeing him for several years, he still remembered little details about my life. I am so happy he has his own practice now, with a very helpful, competent and friendly front desk assistant. I would highly recommend him!


I feel so strongly about Dr. Francis and all the good that he does that I just had to write in. I recently had my second carpal tunnel surgery - along with trigger finger surgery (for the first time). I was surprised to hear that my surgeon wanted me to have PT since I didn’t need it the first time. I didn’t know where I should go. I’ve been to one other place after knee surgery, but didn’t feel compelled to go there again. I felt it was just “okay” there, that they didn’t really care if I got better or not. It was my husband who reminded me about Dr. Francis.

Well, during the first session I immediately knew Dr. Francis was the right therapist for me. I was blown away at seeing improvement right away! Dr. Francis is the most caring, kind, and knowledgeable medical person I’ve met. He knows how far he can push... right up to that edge. Any further and I’d have to say, “Uncle!” He follows up with emails after therapy with more information if needed. You can almost see the wheels turn when challenges arise. I have told everyone I know that if they ever need PT to go to him first! I’m nearing the end of my sessions and cannot thank Francis enough for his knowledge and therapy.


I was delighted to discover Dr. Francis Jung provides the service of dry needling.  I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck.  Visiting Dr. Jung on a monthly basis helps to control the pain without the use of medication.  You will find him soft spoken, attentive, and outstanding at the PT services he provides.  You are not kept waiting for your appointment and he provides 1:1 service.


As an ultrarunner, I have had my fair share of injuries over the years. Dr. Francis was highly recommended to me by my orthopaedist in 2014 when at the time I was experiencing knee pain. Dr. Jung helped rehabilitate and strengthen weaknesses that attributed to the knee pain. He later treated my children and not surprisingly also helped them in their recovery. Most recently, I was diagnosed with two herniated discs and was barely able to walk at times when coming to my appointments. While I was well aware he had moved, I was willing to drive 45-50 minutes to Columbia (I live in Silver Spring) because he is the only physical therapist, hands down, I fully trust! I was hardly functional at home, work and I was no longer able to run, at best, was hardly able to walk without being in excruciating pain. Dr. Jung's expertise, thorough assessment as well as patient history with me (for better or worse..) no doubt is what got me back functioning in 3 months! I am forever endebited to him for getting me to be a healthier and stronger ultrarunner! He is an exceptional practitioner and will recommend him to everyone!


I have seen Francis for PT off and on for almost 4 years, before and after a total hip replacement, and following a referral from one of my five previous physical therapists. She had taken a course with Francis and recommended him highly when she could no longer assist me. He is extremely patient and knowledgeable, and gives me helpful exercises to do at home. The hip surgeon commented on my good muscle tone when he did the surgery -- all due to PT. Everyone needs to know that not all PTs are equally skilled, and Francis is recommended by patients and PTs alike.


Dr Francis has been a tremendous help to me with my headaches. He has treated me with dry needling, massage and some exercise. My headaches from TMJ and stress are all but eliminated. I highly recommend him for his skill and ability.


Dr. Francis Jung, PT is one of the best physical therapists in the US. He's the physical therapist that I and my colleagues go to when we need therapy. I am an orthopedic physical therapist, myself.


I discovered Francis approximately 5 years ago. I've had trouble with my knees on and off for many years (40+). He is an outstanding practitioner! He was concerned for my physical and emotional well being and managed to resolve all of my major issues. My husband( an Internist) was so impressed with my progress that he saw Frances after having hip replacement surgery. Francis is intuitive, a patient listener and applies his wealth of knowledge to diagnose and treat. After discovering that Frances had relocated his practice that was 3 miles from my home to a location that is 16 miles away, I am happily driving the extra miles knowing the quality of service that I will receive.


Francis is by far the best physical therapist. He really takes the time to listen and get to the root of the problem. I went to him with a shoulder problem and after a few visits I was pain free and able to resume my normal activities without any interference. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a physical therapist!


The office is clean and the resepsionist is very helpful and pleasant, you don have to wait to be seen by the Dr. at the time of my appointment I was in. Dr. Francis is very nice, professional, gentle and a very good DR. explain everything clear and the most important part is that I was cured in 3 visit of my nasty vertigo. THANK YOU Dr. Francis.


Dr. Francis Jung offers expert evaluation of your complaint and provides calm, effective therapy and instructions for you to do home exercises. This is a unique practice and offers one on one evaluation and treatment. A great change to some other PT Clinics which can be like a zoo and very busy. Therapeutic environment for recovery.


I fell off a truck and in lots of pain from headache, neck pain back pain Francis Jung from Columbia physical therapy in motion has ben helping me with all my issues he help me so much with all of my pain


Francis is an awesome physical therapist, an excellent diagnostician who uses creative methods to ease pain and is an excellent teacher for all that extra work that has to be done outside his office. He was the designated PT for my husband and myself and several friends while in the White Oak area. We followed him to his new office! Listening, thoughtfulness, creative therapy, teaching are his hallmarks.


I have always had pains and mobility issues since childhood. The symptoms were always seen as individual mysterious problems for someone too young to have them. I first saw Dr Francis Jung for the intolerable back pain that kept me up at night. Along the way, he discovered other hidden weaknesses and painful conditions that I had. Sensing that they might be related, Dr Jung suggested that I see a specialist. My neurologist finally found out where the root of the problems lay and sent me back to Dr Jung for rehab. Thanks to the proper diagnosis and Dr Jung’s help, I got my life back. I now enjoy an active lifestyle and can sleep well at night like a happy person. I am forever grateful.


Francis is by far the most caring and competent practitioner that I have had the opportunity to be treated by! I initially began treatment with Francis after he was highly recommended to me back in 2015 for lower back pain. After a few sessions with Francis, he used techniques that provided instant relief, and gave advice/showed me exercises which would help me deal with my back pain.

Fast forward to Feb 2018; unfortunately I had a broken wrist, and 2 sprained ankles, and needed to seek PT post-surgery. Needless to say, I followed Francis to his new location in Columbia. Every single visit felt as if I was making progress and he pushed me enough to gain confidence that I would be back in good shape in no time. Surely enough I have TREMENDOUSLY improved since my initial visit to Francis!

If I had 3 words to sum up my experience/ Francis it would MOST definitely be : PATIENT, COURTEOUS, AND PROFESSIONAL!

He is one of THE smartest, most caring health care professionals I EVER been a patient of, and I am truly grateful for his help in fixing me!!


I am sure that it is best place to have master level manual therapy, dry needling, and therapeutic exercise in columbia Maryland. Dr. Jung usually spends more than one hour, one to one hands on therapy without using E-stimulation. There might be no other place to provide such a great physical therapy service in Columbia Maryland.


Dr. Francis Jung is highly trained, insightful and operates at the maximum level of professionalism providing targeted and effective treatment. I've come to believe that P.T. is a form of "medicine" that with the right prescription and dosage, can alleviate and even reverse many chronic conditions. I've come to understand that pain and discomfort are just signals to what the body is experiencing but with the right treatment, one can move through this to the other where pain-free mobility and confidence wait. I would travel any distance in the region for the type of care that Dr. Jung provides and I appreciate this forum in which to share my experience.

Cathy R

Dr. Jung has done wonders with both my back pain remaining from a herniated disk and for a separate issue - the pain in my upper leg due to meralgia paresthetica. His expertise with dry needling as well as various manipulative modalities is a definite asset. He has provided remarkable, enduring pain relief completely without recourse to drugs.


Dr. Jung is the best! I started seeing Dr. Jung after a cervical surgery. He was so good, I called my surgeon for another referral to help with my back for a fusion surgery I had 2.5 years earlier. Dr Jung took me guided me through core and total body progressional strengthening. My back pain improved so much that I stopped going to my pain specialist and significantly reduced my pain medication. I highly recommend Dr Jung.


I really like Dr. Francis, he has been helping me with shoulder pain and my tennis elbow since November. He is a very nice person and his work is impeccable. He is very knowledgeable and has great attitude to work with patients. I would recommend anybody that needs physical therapy that work with Dr. Francis you would not find the quality of work that he offers. Thank you so much Dr. Francis.


I can not say enough how wonderful Francis is. He helped both of my sons tremendously. Francis is one of the best physical therapists I have known. He is so knowledgeable and analytical. He does thorough examination and pins point issues effectively in the first physical therapy section. Francis is so patient, caring, and supportive. He has very nice temperament and enjoys helping peoples. He understands how hard and frustrating it is dealing with chronic pain. He gives nice guidance and encouragement throughout entire physical therapy. My sons enjoy doing physical therapy with him. His practice place is so nice, clean, peaceful, and relaxing. He is very easy to communicate with and replies to email inquiry very quick. I am so grateful having such a wonderful physical therapist helping my sons. I strongly recommend Francis if you are looking for a wonderful knowledgeable physical therapist.


Francis Jung is my physical therapist of choice for a myriad of reasons. Firstly, he is passionate about providing thoughtful interventions to each one of his patients. He is a consummate consumer of research literature and is therefore always up to date on the most state of the art treatments. He is a highly respected mentor for many physical therapy students and physical therapists alike. I know of patients who opted to repeatedly drive over an hour to receive his superior care. Finally, he furthers the profession by performing research and being published in a prestigious peer-reviewed academic journal. He is without exaggeration, the best healthcare practitioner I have met.


Best physical therapist in the area; hands down. One on one visits that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Excellent manual work and challenging exercise programs that are modified wonderfully.


Dr. Francis Jung's treatment has brought steady relief to my post-concussion symptoms. I had reached a 4-month plateau in my recovery and it was Francis' therapy that ultimately moved the dial. I am now able to drive and I've returned to work. I no longer react with a head ache, nausea and unsteadiness when I walk into a grocery store or try to attend church. Before PT with Francis, the experience of pushing a grocery cart through bright lights, colors, varied sounds made me feel ill. Dr. Francis Jung listens well and approaches therapy holistically. He is always encouraging and helps his patients set achievable weekly goals.


Back Pain is no Fun ! Dr. Francis concentrates on You the Patient - his main focus ! My back pain has decreased considerably over the past four weeks of therapy. Dr. Francis utilizes his knowledge & practices strength building exercise programs to attain a New improved Life Style for the Patient. Highly recommended - 5 Stars


Dr. Francis Jung is an excellent physical therapist. He’s the best PT I’ve ever had. Started working with him in December for neck, back and hip issues and he’s done an amazing job! Dr. Jung performs trigger point needling and it’s amazing how much it’s helped in my recovery. I highly recommend him.