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Delivering Educational Webinars to Support Medical Professionals during Covid-19

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

During past month, Dr. Jung presented free educational webinars to help clinicians engaging in distance learning while most of clinicians are not fully practicing in-person care during Covid-19 outbreak.

First, he was invited by Dr. Karen Laugel, Medical Director of Headfirst concussion clinics in Maryland to present a webinar for medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and psychologists during their virtual group meeting. Both Dr. Jung and Dr. Laugel have a similar special interest in helping clients with concussion and dizziness associated with whiplash associated disorders such as head and neck injuries.

Dr. Jung is known as a clinical expert in the management of clients with cervicogenic dizziness/concussion. He is also primary author of “Clinical Decision Making in the Management of Patients With Cervicogenic Dizziness" published in the Journal of Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT). During the Webinar, he addressed the importance of clinical recognition of cervicogenic dizziness (visual disturbance, headache, unsteadiness, vertigo, and postural instability) among clients with concussion related injuries. He also shared early treatment intervention of both musculoskeletal and sensorimotor impairments for clients with concussion.

Secondly, He and his colleague (Dr. Poorbaugh, Director of Northern Edge Physical Therapy in Alaska) shared their clinical knowledge and skills, with the title of "Contemporary Manual Therapy to Manage Complex Cervical Spine Disorders" for clinicians around world in Beyond Dry Needling webinar series hosted by Eureka Seminars. They provided participants with overview of how to apply clinical reasoning framework of movement-based approach utilizing manual therapy, evidence-informed sensorimotor control, and the application of pain-science models to manage the most common to the most challenging patients (illustrated by a case) with cervical spine disorders.

Specifically, they shared a step-by-step systematic clinical decision making process to help participants negate to expand clinical reasoning when dealing with a complex case. During past 18 months, they have developed three full-day course of cervical spine management for medical professionals. They plan to start teaching the course in the fall of 2020.

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