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Want to enhance healthy running?

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

running mechanics, running improvement
running clinic

It is time to enjoy outside running or attend pleasurable running race with social support. Do you know that Improving Running Form to Prevent Running related injuries? Columbia Physical Therapy In Motion offers running clinic including comprehensive running related functional movement analysis, refinement of running form, and running specific power training/drills. Our clinicians with strong background in biomechanics will evaluate Running fundamentals and design individualized one on one program to improve your running performance efficiently. Contact us for more details if you are interested in our running clinic or a free discovery visit. Happy running!!

A testimonial from David:

"I have been suffering from leg weakness and pain for several years, and have had many physical therapists.  None of them achieved the results that Francis did.  Francis listened to my problems, and developed a personalized exercise program to strengthen my leg. He worked with me, emailing me between sessions to check on my progress and offer suggestions.  After working with Francis, I am running pain free, something I have not done in four years. I recently made 4 mile race 2 weeks ago and my 8 mile race last weekend. No leg pain whatsoever. Thank you again for all of your amazing help in working with me to achieve my fitness goals!"

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