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Lucy's Excitement-Correction of Hip Hinge & 1/4 Single Leg Squat

Lucy, a 12-year-old girl, complained of chronic pain in both knees and ankles. Functional limitations included climbing stairs, prolong sitting, squatting, running, and participating in physical education class at school. After fundamental functional movement testing and video analysis, we noticed that there was lack of muscular maturation (motor control) to provide efficient functional stability during weight bearing activities (as you see from above before pictures in hip hinge and 1/4 single leg squat). We designed individualized functional movement motor control program, especially to focus on trunk to hip coordination, core & hip stability, and correction of hip and knee kinematics. After 4 weeks of motor control training, Lucy successfully improved quality of motor control during hip hinge and 1/4 single leg squat. Her pain level was significantly reduced as she demonstrated significant improvement of overall stability during those two tasks (see before and after pictures). Next progression is to work on single leg dynamic stability/endurance to prepare for the high impact activities such as running, jumping, hopping. Lucy is so excited on this progression.

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