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Learn more about swimmer's rehabilitation & performance clinic?

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Swimming clinic
Swimmer's clinic

We offer swimmer's clinic in Columbia Physical Therapy In Motion. Swimmer's clinic provides recreational or competitive swimmers with comprehensive management of swimming related rehabilitation and performance enhancement. We analyze videos, swimmer's movement pattern (overhead control, mobility, stability, coordination, strength, endurance), and correct aberrant body mechanics to refine efficiency of body flow of fundamental movement for swimming. The design of swimmer's clinic is customized to individual swimmer's needs and overall nature of condition based on comprehensive examination by clinical experts in our clinic. We have served many competitive swimmer's for several years in Maryland/Virgina/DC areas.

A testimonial from Steven:

"I have been swimming since I was about 6 years old. Currently I have swum at the junior national level in U.S.A. I saw Francis for about 3 months for my shoulder pain that I had from swimming. While no doctor and physical therapist could definitively diagnose a particular issue, Francis was able help me recover through his own analysis of my strength, flexibility, and video assessment of swimming. He approached each issue with incredible thoughtfulness and was able to help me make large improvements after only a couple visits. Thanks to him, I was also able to improve in swimming performance despite my injury, and my injury has since gotten better, thanks to his work."

A testimonial From Y & J:

"Dr Francis Jung is the best PT in the entire metro area. We have a child who is a competitive swimmer and patient of Francis. His injury was uncommon and was treated unsuccesfully by six PTs before we finally found Francis. After seeing Francis, his condition was improving steadily and within half a year, he was completely healed. During the process, he is able to continue his training and competition. Francis is very knowledgeable and skillful. His manual therapy and dry needle to echniques are supreme. He teaches many other PTs in dry needling and he treats his profession with seriousness and passion. Since then , each of our family member has been treated by him for various conditions. We all love him. I have referred many of my friends with difficult physical conditions to him. They all got very satisfactory treatments from Dr Jung. I highly recommend Dr Jung to anyone who wants to see a PT. I told my friends, if Dr Jung cannot treat you, I believe no one will."

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