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“THE KNEES ARE BACK!”-Inspirational Stories of Bill's Journey

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Every summer, at least past three years, I received an email from Bill and pictures about his family hiking trip. I met Bill a few years ago as a client, who had joint replacement surgery on both knees back in 2017. He successfully resumed family hiking trip to Theodore Roosevelt National park in North Dakota after a few months after completing knee rehabilitation in the following year. Since then I developed professional relationship with him to assist functional training, specifically designed for upcoming hiking.

Each year, Dr. Bill spent time with us during spring season a couple of months prior to his annual family hiking trip. Functional performance training consisted of building up stamina, progressive strength and endurance, and coordination of total body workout with modifying his weekly workout program based on his progress. It was very delightful to serve such a motivated individual as a physical therapist/training coach. He took individualized functional performance program (six weeks) very seriously and worked very hard toward building ultimate strength and endurance to get over any physical/mental barriers for upcoming hiking trips. This year, we spent more time to improve quality and quantity of deadlift/squat ability (see pictures below) and static/dynamic single leg load progression to prepare for steep hikes.

As you acknowledge, it is not really easy journey to get over physical/emotional limitations to resume his favorite hobby, hiking, after recovering from knee replacements. Regardless of physical/mental challenges, he was determined that he put quite bit of effort and sweat into weekly training. It is such an amazing stories for me to share with you about his disciplines, dedications, and endless work toward his goals/expectations. Without any doubt, it is very obvious that he is a real fighter. His passion and attitude really inspire US to be persistent and determinant under any circumstances.

"All that work paid off. My family hike to Havasupai Falls, Beaver Falls, and Mooney Falls in the Grand Canyon was 3 days, 28 miles, and 2400’ initial decent over nothing but rocks and sand. I had no problem and did not get sore. However, I could feel that I am not as strong as I would wish to be. I don’t know how much improvement remains in this old body, but I’ll try to find out. Next month I’m off to North Cascades National Park in Washington state." < after 2018 trip >

"Myself and some members of my family hiked from Paradise Inn (elevation 5400 ft) to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier (10188 ft) and back in 10 hr 3 min. Going down was difficult for my knees, and I’m not as strong as when I was younger, but I’m so pleased with what I can now do at age 78 thanks to your help. By the way, before the trip I did 11 dead lifts of 200 lb with the bar at 17” from ground, 10 squats of 165 lb, and step-ups of 20” height." < after 2019 trip >

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