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Do you feel vertigo, dizziness, unsteadiness, or falling?

various vestibular/vertigo tests
VOR, Oculomotor test, dix-hall pike, BPPV

If you experience vertigo, dizziness, unsteadiness, or falling, a physical therapist specializing in sensorimotor (vestibular) rehabilitation in our practice can help you. We offer comprehensive vestibular rehabilitation.

The goal of sensorimotor (vestibular) physical therapy management is to improve balance and problem(s) related to dizziness, and to reduce fear/anxiety. There are moderate to strong evidences to support that vestibular rehabilitation significantly improves Vertigo, imbalance and dizziness related disorders.

Candidates who are likely to benefit from vestibular rehabilitation are those with medical conditions including: 1. Benign Paroxismal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), 2. Unilateral Vestibular Dysfunction, 3. Bilateral Vestibular Dysfunction, 4. Meniere’s syndrome, 5. Stroke or Brain/Head Injury or Surgery 6. Whiplash Associated Disorder (Motor Vehicle Accident), 7. Neck-related with Dizziness or Migraines.

The types of vestibular rehabilitation consist of canalisthesis repositioning maneuvers, substitution, adaptation, habituation, gaze stabilization, provocation, cervical joint position sense training, manual therapy, endurance, balance, coordination, and breathing/relaxation. Upon comprehensive evaluation and proper screening of signs & symptoms during initial consultation, the option of indivisualized treatment selection, treatment dosage, and prognostic factors will be discussed with clients.

If you (family or friends) have trouble with vertigo, dizziness, unsteadiness, or falling, clinical expertise at Columbia Physical Therapy In Motion can certainly address your needs.

A testimonial from Robert:

"I highly recommend Dr. Francis. He provided great, personal one on one service. I would 100% recommend him to anybody. I have been struggling with vertigo for the last six months and he immediately had a plan, after I was told by other doctors that there was nothing they could do. He was able to fix my vertigo and provided service that you don’t find anywhere else."

A testimonial from Lori:

"I went to Dr. Jung for vestibular therapy associated with a head injury that I suffered as a result of a car accident. I could not have been in better hands! Dr. Jung uses innovative, research-based techniques and devices that really work. He has a university teaching background, so I appreciated him explaining and teaching the science behind his techniques. I also truly appreciated his mind-body-spirit approach. Dr. Jung gave realistic expectations and offered positive feedback and encouragement. When I first began with Dr. Jung, I could not walk without losing my balance, however, after 5 months, I am now back to work as a dance teacher. Dr. Jung truly cares and continues to check in on my progress. I could not recommend him more. I agree with the other reviewers, that he is truly the best in the DMV area!"

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