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Are you experiencing chronic/persistent headache?

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

referred pain from trigger points in upper trapezius muscle
Trigger Points of upper trapezius resulting temporal headache

Do you know that Physical Therapist can help headache suffers? Headache is one of the most common and debilitating problems seen in medical practice in Unites States. The prevalence of headache disorders is continuously increasing and widespread, recognizing in at least 30% of adults. Despite of various types of headache disorders, headache can be further sensitized when headache suffers present with concurrent musculoskeletal dysfunctions such as increased tension/trigger points in head/neck/shoulder muscles, joint stiffness, and weakness in deep neck/peri-scapular muscles controlling head/neck/shoulder girdles. Especially in cases where patients with headche is under stress or anxiety, they are more prone to have bodily stress, which affects more negative impact on coping with persistent headache.

Among medical interventions for headache treatment, Physical Therapy management is very effective and significantly improves quality of life by reducing frequency, duration, and severity of headache, less use of medications, and teaching self-coping skills after screening out serious medical conditions causing headache. In general, patients with tension-type, migraine, and cervicogenic (joints or muscles originated) headache would benefit from skilled physical therapy management.  

Skilled Physical Therapy Management includes: 1. Gentle breathing, 2. Relaxation/Visualization, 3. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, 4. Myofascial Trigger Points Release/Dry Needling, 5. Joint Mobilization/manipulation, 5. Deep Neck muscle strengthening, 6. Postural/sensorimotor training, 7. Aerobic exercise,  and 7. Self-monitoring coping/pacing skills. 

If you (family, or friends) experience with chronic/persistent headache and need a helping hand, Columbia Physical Therapy In Motion is right place for you to serve your need. Upon initial and subsequent visits, our clinical experts will identify intrinsic and extrinsic factors of your headache event (by understanding aggravating, relieving, and contributing factors) and provide individualized one-on-one comprehensive headache management.

A testimonial from SA:

"Dr Francis has been a tremendous help to me with my headaches. He has treated me with dry needling, massage and some exercise. My headaches from TMJ and stress are all but eliminated. I highly recommend him for his skill and ability."

A testimonial from CC:

"Dr. Francis Jung gave me my life back. In 2011, when I was suffering from debilitating headaches and excruciating face/ear pain, he determined that the pain was being caused by dysfunctions  (trigger points) in my neck and upper back. He treated me with various modalities for months until I could function again, i.e., return to work and other everyday activities. As of 2017, I continue to see him for periodic "tune ups"--manual treatment, dry needling, advice, and new and continuing exercises.  Dr. Jung is the most caring, gentle, and comforting medical professional I have ever encountered. I have total confidence in his competence and expertise. He keeps up to date on all the latest developments in his field, and  is a sought-after teacher and thought leader. I owe so much to Dr. Jung, as do friends and family members whom I have referred for treatment.  A true gem!"

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