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Schedule a Taster Dry Needling (DN) Session Today!

Dry needling for neck pain, headache, low back pain, thoracic pain, shoulder, knee, hip, elbow pain.
Dry needling

Schedule Dry Needling (DN) Taster session today! DN involves the insertion of one or more solid needles into the muscle and related tissues to affect change in muscle and related tissues (muscle ache or pain, deep knot) for both neuromuscular or musculoskeletal related impairments and fuctional limitations. DN is sometimes connected with electrical stimulation to provide noxious stimulus for pain management.

A Testimonial from Daniel about DN:

"Francis has been my physical therapist for the past a few years. I see him for chronic neck pain as needed base due to disc degeneration and arthritis. The treatment which has helped me the most is dry needling in the shoulder and neck area. Francis is extremely good in the use of needles aimed at trigger points which relax muscles and reverse inflammation. This treatment has helped me to stay away from pain killers, steroid injections, etc. Francis is excellent at diagnosing and treating chronic pain. Highly recommend."

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